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People who are pro-life usually cite adoption as an alternative to terminating a woman’s pregnancy. They say that there are many other families who will take their child in. That would come close to even beginning to be a noble  sentiment, if there weren’t so many kids already in the foster care system.

According to the most current AFCARS (Adoption and Foster Care Analysis and Reporting System Report) Report, released in June 2011, there were approximately 408,425 children in the U. S. in foster care on September 30, 2010. The full report is available online via the Children’s Bureau website at: http://www.acf.hhs.gov/programs/cb/stats_research/afcars/tar/report18.htm.

For State-specific information on the number of entries, exits, and children in care on the last day of the Federal fiscal year 2010, as of June 15, 2011, please see the table on the Children’s Bureau website at:http://www.acf.hhs.gov/programs/cb/stats_research/afcars/statistics/entryexit2010.pdf.

In addition, this table provides comparable data for the years 2002 - 2010.


Now, those numbers don’t lie. If there are that many children already in foster care what makes you think that one more is going to have an increased chance over them? Are they not worth your “pro-life” campaigning? I guess the stance that all life is sacred and worth protecting and providing for is not applicable to people who have already left the womb. If you were really pro-LIFE you would be caring, campaigning, and fighting tooth and nail for the kids who are already stuck in the horrible world that is the foster care system of America. But, just to drill it through your skulls, here are some more numbers and facts.

  • There are 423,773 children in the U.S. foster care system; 114,556 of these children are available for adoption. Their birth parent’s legal rights have been permanently terminated and children are left without a family.
  • More children become available for adoption each year than are adopted. In 2009, 69,947 children had parental rights terminated by the courts, yet only 57,466 were adopted.
  • Children often wait three years or more to be adopted, move three or more times in foster care and often are separated from siblings. The average age of waiting children is 8 years old.
  • Last year, 29,471 children turned 18 and left the foster care system without an adoptive family.
  • Adopting from foster care is affordable. Most child welfare agencies cover the costs of home studies and court fees, and provide post-adoption subsidies. Thousands of employers offer financial reimbursement and paid leave for employees who adopt and Federal and/or state adoption tax credits are available to most families.
  • Every child is adoptable. Many children in foster care have special needs. All of them deserve the chance to grow up in a safe, loving, permanent home. Support and other post-adoption resources are available.
  • Adopting from foster care is permanent. Once a child is adopted out of foster care, the birth parents cannot attempt to claim them or fight in court for their return. A family formed through foster care adoption is forever.
  • According to a National Adoption Attitudes Survey commissioned by the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption, 63 percent of Americans hold a favorable view of adoption and 78 percent think more should be done to encourage adoption.
  • Nearly 40 percent of American adults, or 81.5 million people, have considered adopting a child, according to the National Adoption Attitudes Survey. If just one in 500 of these adults adopted, every waiting child in foster care would have a permanent family.


If you think that putting more children into the roulette of being adopted is a good idea, read over those facts. Why would you want to put a child through that? Simply because you want to stand on your pedestal to preach from your misconceived moral high ground? Don’t sacrifice others into that, just so you can seem like some defender of life and it’s future possibilities.

You’re not pro-life, you’re just a supporter of a movement that takes away the control women have over their own bodies and futures. After that fetus comes to term, you disappear and move on to the next unfortunate pregnant woman to stop her from as well. You use guilt, fear tactics, and violence to achieve your goals; as opposed to logic and sound thinking.

You’re not pro-life, you’re just pro-70,000-deaths-a-year-from-unsafe-abortions.

You’re just pro-stripping-people-of-their-bodily-autonomy.

You’re just pro-flood-the-system-with-kids-who-won’t-get-adopted-and-who-we-can’t-afford-to-feed-or-provide-shelter-for.

You’re just pro-fuck-you-anybody-with-a-uterus. 

You’re just a fucking asshole is what I’m trying to say really.

-DK (@Depressingfacts)

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